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Wheelzy is the most trusted online car buyer, operating nationwide.

Wheelzy is America’s leading online car buyer.

We’ve been buying cars throughout America for over 5 years now. When we first started out, we were buying about 30 cars a month. We’ve grown so quickly that we’re now buying thousands of cars a month from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

We pride ourselves on being the most reliable and trusted car buyer in the nation.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making it easy for anyone to sell a car. Wheelzy strives to provide the absolute best car selling experience no matter where you’re located, what kind of car you have, or what condition the vehicle is in.

Quality customer service is hard to come by these days, especially when talking about the car industry. Wheelzy knows how frustrating it can be, which is why we’ve simplified how to sell a car.

We’re committed to helping anyone sell their car easier than ever before.

Our Team

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Testimonials from our Happy Customers

  • They were extremely professional and followed up with me every step of the way. From the beginning of the inquiry into selling my car I got a quote that was $80.00 more than the closest car buyer. I almost thought it was to good to be true or that I was being messed with but not the case. As I waited the few days for pick up (because of extreme busyness the tow place was having) they texted and called to assure me that everything was still a go and that if I needed anything at anytime to let the

    -- Michael Mitchell (Lansing, MI)

  • Easy process, right on time.

    -- Morgan Kelsey (Orlando, FL)

  • They were quick with a answer and pick up car.

    -- David Simmons (Orlando, FL)

  • Yes this is legit. You give them yours and your cars information. They call you to verify things and give you a quote for a dead 2004 Cav I got $45. A tow truck picks it up the next day and gives you a check. Not much but I’m just happy the thing is gone. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    -- Matthew Krist (Cookeville, TN)

  • Brother Car Buyer was more than helpful. Smooth & easy transaction. I would definitely recommend them.

    -- Gigi Bollard (Orlando, FL)

  • Amazing customer service! Super nice people! Quick response and a great deal!

    -- Missy King (Norfolk, VA)

  • Good customer service. Smooth and easy transaction from start to end.

    -- Juan Carlos Alcocer (Brookfield, CT)

  • Call them on a Thursday afternoon and Friday morning they showed up with the money they offered and the tow truck and took the car away. No hassles!!! Awesome!!

    -- Pablo Torres (Orlando, FL)

  • This place offered me a great price for my truck. They were able to pick it up on my schedule. They were very friendly as well as the tow truck driver.

    -- Alivia Smith (Lansing, MI)

  • Great company, phone transactions was pleasant. They kept in touch throughout the whole process. Pick up was on time. I got my check on the spot. I would use this company again and recommend to anyone.

    -- Laveet Hilliard (Roanoke, VA)